"X-Potions are on sale! And very valuable to all the ones who has the highest asset!"

-A sale of X-Potions at Archades especially for nobles

"The grandest and most potent concoction of magickal medicinal healing property"

-In game description

X-Potion is a very strong version of Potion that even surpasses the healing property of Hi-Potions.

The default restoration of HP is 1600, but the potency can be increase if a character activates their Potion Lore augment. 

Effect Restores 1600 HP
Upgrade (Potion Lore) Increases X-Potion potency. First augment +10%, second +15% and third +25%.
Cost 630 gil

Etymology, History, Present Uses and TriviaEdit

  • X-Potion is simply a variation of Potion with greater potency. 'X' is simply means "extra".