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Rōmaji Tomaji
Age 18
Eyes Almond-matured

Black-brown irises

Hair Dirty Blond/Brown

Clean cut

Laterality Left-handed


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Race Hume
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Ability Entrepreneurmence
Role The Sandsea Keeper


Voice actor(s) David Henry
 "Bigger hauls means bigger profits!"


Tomaj is a temporary playable Guest character that usually asks the other characters to tag along and loot and hunt for treasure. having him around is also proven to be mostly 'Entreprenuer'-like. He is well-known for his money-grubbing and tycoonic nature.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Like in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, Tomaj wear the assumingly similar get-up and attires. He is not a coward, but not much of a fighter. So, having himself follow the party around for treasures is just his only motives to fight(necessarily).

Tomaj is, slightly older than Vaan and Penelo. Making him the only notable foster under Migelo that is the oldest. Since he isn't really willingly voted to be the fosters' leader, the choice will only make them 'work; for him.