The Diary if the Monarchy is a type of playback system in Final Fantasy XII: Constelle of Transcendence. Like the Sky Pirate Den which is conjunction to the battle system, The Diary of the Monarchy is an achievement panel in which the player can play back any witnessed events or any played background music.

This feature however, is only available in the menu section after the party have obtained the item: Ishawlia's Journal along with the Arcturum Key to open the contents, and it will automatically grants the party, Ishawlia's sprite and title, "The Endeavor".

Like most optional special features of games which will unlocks the playback for events, trailers, movies, music or pictures/artwork ect., these is only available after obtainning a key item, which may proven harassing.

In special case, obtaining the Diary of the Monarchy will presents a special features, that is the Constelle of Transcendence manga itself!


  • In conjunction and quite allusioned with the naming of the trophy panel, Sky Pirate Den. The Diary of the Monarchy is based on the playback system of Okami (the 'Gifts from Issun' when the player had finishes the game and reloadthe game using the saved file).