The Sky Pirate's Den is a type of menu panel option for the players to see what they have achieve in the game. These feature has complete similarity with the last one, only have four different background: indoor(previous one), a tavern (The Sandsea), the third is in the Jahara, Land of Garif and the fourth is somewhere in Archades.

Along with the sprite character, the player will be given a title and the condition for the sprite will be revealed. The player needs to complete the Sky Pirate's Den in order to reach the highest rank in Clan Centurio, The Order of Ambrosia.

Note that titles like the 'Assault Striker' is obtained after attacking 300 times, that is, only if one character had done it. This only goes for:

  • Assault Striker
  • Royal Guard
  • The Sky Bandit
  • Spellsinger
  • Wayfarer
  • Master Thief
  • Premier Prestidigititator


Image Character Title Awarded for
Anastasis Grand Kiltias Using high levelled Magicks including Lores 200 times.
Anastasis Lucid Dreamer Examines the Grand Kiltias Anastasis's memento 7 times, and then check the "Ishawlia's Journal" to witness a special event.
Archadd Dependable Obtained after the "Mission: Gazeful Watch".
Ashe Exemplar Getting your party's average level above 50.
Ashe Laurel Deity Reviving characters using the Phoenix Down 25 times.
Ashe Dynasty Hierachy Using all Quickenings in a row and chaining it with one character. (Available to obtain after having the other two)
Ba'Gamnan Scrivener Complete the Bestiary in the Clan Primer.

It is only required to defeat every enemy once; the extra pages don't need to be unlocked.

Ba'Gamnan Scally-wag Using the 'Taunt' or 'Intimidate' Technick 5 times on Ba'Gamnan with succession.
Balthier Assault Striker Attacking 300 times.
Balthier Compensator Buying and Selling items of the same class 100 times.
Balthier Runaway Tactician Using all Quickenings in a row and chaining it with one character. (Available to obtain after having the other two)
Basch Blood Dancer Defeating 500 enemies.
Basch Royal Guard Guarding 50 attacks in succession.
Basch Knight of Sacrifice Using all Quickenings in a row and chaining it with one character. (Available to obtain after having the other two)
Behemoth King Lord of the Kings Defeating the Behemoth King.
Belias High Summoner Acquiring every Esper and summons every one of them.
Cassie Ribbon-Stealer Steals Cassie's Ribbon 20 times.
Carrot Freshmaker Defeating Carrot.
Chocobo Wayfarer Walking more than 50,000 steps.
Chocobo Cheetah Feet Sprinting while riding on a Chocobo 30 times.
Crystal Runeweaver Buying every Magick.
Crystal Debugger Destroying every Crystal Bugs in the entire game.
Cya Dogfighter Attacking an enemy from behind in mid-air 300 times using Cya.
Cya Lock Striker Pulverises any enemy on the ground using Cya while in mid-air 90 times.
Cya Merciless Attack an enemy continously with melee weapons until the end of the combo without taking hits or debuffs 20 times.
Deathgaze Eagle Eye Defeating Deathgaze.
Fafnir Wyrmslayer Defeating Fafnir.
Faron Gambler Using Cards special attack 50 times using Faron.
Faron The Noble Having more than 1,000,000 Gil at a time.
Faron Proper Handler Deflecting attacks more than 200 times.
Filo The Sky Bandit Attacking using Skyboard 200 times.
Filo The Dragonfly Dodges in mid-air 300 times.
Filo Wind Whisperer Casting Wind-elemental spells or abilities in mid-air 200 times using Filo.
Fran Spellsinger Casting over 200 spells.
Fran Mist Berserker Having Fran in Mist Berserk for 15 times.
Fran The Releaser Using all Quickenings in a row and chaining it with one character. (Available to obtain after having the other two)
Freesia The Unforgiving Defeat Reaper type enemies 5 times using only Freesia.
Freesia Dead One Obtained after the "Mission: The Shadow Silhouette".
Freesia Mirage Kiltias Casting Scathe spell times using Freesia.
Gabranth Mist Walker Unleashing all Concurrences at least once each.
Gerun The Undying Survives alone in the Ancient City of Giruvegan for also defeating 100 enemies there without using items, buffs, summons or any other mist abilities.
Gilgamesh Master Swordsman Defeating Gilgamesh.
Gilgamesh The Parivir Using any one-edge Edged weapon 100 times as the killing blow.
Gurdy Chocobo Rancher Riding on Gurdy's chocobos for 30 times.
Gurdy Spendthrift Spending over 1,000,000 gil.
Hell Wyrm Radiant Savior Defeating the Hell Wyrm.
Hazeal Master Sniper Attacking using any types of bows 300 times.
Hazeal Sky Shooter Attacking using any types of bows in while jumping 100 times.
Hinen Master Connoiseur Gives Hinen every recepi for every kind of accessories.
Holloa Seeker Using Libra on an enemy with succession for 200 enemies.
Holloa Skillfull Executes all kinds of Styles once.
Holloa Childish Ones Attacking using Toy type weapons 500 times.
Ishawlia Fullbringer Uses Ishawlia's Redemption in full power 3 times.
Ishawlia Valiant Horologist Completed Secret Prologue.
Juan Sacrificer Uses sacrifice skills or abilities 10 times.
Kytes Black Magi Casting Fire, Blizzard and Thunders spells of any levels 300 times each element.
Kytes Treasure Hunter Opening over 200 chests.
Kytes The Courier Obtained after Kytes played the role "Little Courier".
Larsa Chemist Using all all kinds of Potions 200 times.
Larsa Little Emperor Obtained after the "Mission: Solidor's Heirloom".
Larsa Intervener Breaking an enemies' attack before hitting other characters 25 times.
Lindsay Knife Slasher Attacking using Knives in both hands 600 times.
Lindsay Throwing Machine Throws daggers 200 times and hits using Lindsay.
Lyurn Subjector Summons into the area using Summoning Magick 30 times.
Marryl Freelancer Moving pass 50 different areas in one hour of game time.
Marryl Swiftlet Evading attacks using Marryl, Filo or Kytes together 30 times.
Marryl The Informant Obtained after completing all missions that is related to friend's letters.
Migelo Privateer Selling 1000 pieces of loot.
Migelo Treasure Chaser Obtaining 1000 pieces of loot.
Mimic? Collector Buying the Canopic Jar.
Mimic? Detective Steal and defeat Mimic 20 times.
Montblanc The Unrelenting Getting a battle chain of over 50.
Montblanc The Rewinder Breaking battle chains more than 50 times.
Monty The Cannoneer Using hand-cannons with successful hits 100 times.
Nile Pyre Master Attacking using hand-bombs 200 times.
Old Dalan Cartographer Fully explored every map.

Doesn't include areas that can only be visited once or the final dungeon.

Old Dalan The Seeker Buying every maps available. (Does not trigger when areas have all been explored)
Penelo Plunderer Getting over 100,000 gil.
Penelo Dicin' Dancer Using Penelo's Dance ability 100 times.
Penelo The Rapture Using all Quickenings in a row and chaining it with one character. (Available to obtain after having the other two)
Ragnessa Con Artist Bribes and persuades other clans in succession 25 times.
Rasler Conqueror Completing every character's License Board, Espers included.
Rasler The Iluded Obtained after the "Mission: Ashe's Memoir".
Regre The Vagrant Helps the freelancer of any regions with their problems 10 times.
Regre The Bodacious Attack enemies with one-hit KO(not instant Death) 10 times with no weapons.
Regre The Mediator Persuade other clans to stand down using Regre's way of intimidation in succession for 15 times.
Reks Record Breaker Getting over 500,000 clan points.
Reks Poltergeist Able to detect and examines racial 'ghosts' through random misty areas 5 times.
Remedi Flightatious Casting Float spell 20 times using Remedi.
Remedi Enchantress Causing either Confuse, Charm or Berserk together 50 times.
Remedi Decorrupter Defeat Mateus and releases the Zodiac Glyph.
Rend Morpher Morphs forms 25 times using Rend.
Rend One Man Army Attacks enemies without no weapon 300 times.
Trickster Sharpshooter Defeating Trickster.
Ultima Fell Angel Defeating Ultima.
Vaan Master Thief Stealing successfully over 50 times.
Vaan The Natural Attacking using only one-handed weapon with no shield 200 times consecutively.
Vaan The Respossible Using all Quickenings in a row and chaining it with one character. (Available to obtain after having the other two)
Vayne Premier Prestidigitator Using Technicks over 100 times.
Venat Heretic Killer Destroying any Manufacted Nethicite used by any Imperials that resides as traitors or newly brigands.
Vossler Jack-of-All-Trades Buying every Technick.
Vossler The Forsaken Died and revived using Reraise as a party leader for 20 times.
Yiazmat Hunter Extraordinaire Defeating Yiazmat.
Zeph Chaotic Alchemist Using items while having the Nihopalaoa equip 200 times.
Zeph Re-turner Attacking using boomerangs or cards with successful hits 100 times.
Zodiark Zodiac Knight Defeating Zodiark.