"I may be only a figment to you, but something more..."


Remydie Illuise
Japanese Name Remedi Iluiss
Kana .
Romaji Remedi Iruise
Pronunciation Remedy . Ill-Loo-Yeast-Say
In Story Names








30(In Story)


Eye Color

Yellowish Brown (Gold)

Hair Color

Slick Black (Natural)

Scarlet (Widowed)

Laterality Right-Handed
Height 5'6"(167.92cm)

Hume (Living)

Rusalka (After Death[Spirit])

Family Unnamed and Untold
Home Rabanastre
Quickenings Shining Raijja
Character Chain-In Zeph (Ventuswill)
Freesia (Flair Mist)
??? (Ultima-for-Last)


Art of Song
Signature Move Hands of Raijja
Roles Honorable Mistress

Remydie Illuise is a a temporary major playable character in Final Fantasy XII:Constelle of Transcendence. Her role are actually intersecting with other characters, so she has no specific roles.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

"Simply my wish for you to grant it"

—Remydie saying to Ashe to live on even widowed

Remydie is a tall woman of 30. She's a married woman after 2 husbands which already fled. Remydie wear a long bright blue dress which quite 'tight'. Her dress has many ornaments such as feather sleeves, embroidded colar and bracers along the hemline. She wears a pair of high flat heels, which she also favours and easy to walk with.

Remydie has been dying her hair since her first husband. Her natural hair is slick black, which seems very silky and looks has been moisturize bunch of times. After her first husband death, she dyed them a bit more reddish. Which she wants to cover for her widowed state. While her eyes are yellowish brown, a rare sight to be. But she likes blue eyes instead.

Remydie is actually a spirit, she was hume, but die after left by her husband. She became sort like a Rusalka, accept she prefers for herself to be 'incarnated' or 'resurrected'. She was found a man (first husband) in the Golmore Jungle. The man saw her and seems to be attracted. Remydie was quiet, seems to be muted to see a man there. The man then brings her to town and lives as a noble.



Before becaming a Rusalka, Remydie was a bachelorette of 29. She was engage with a noble from Archadia, but she refuses it. After that matter, she wanders of knowing that the proposal was not to be rejected so easily. She make her stand, bravely changing her ways from 'sweet' to 'beat'

As a Rusalka or SpiritEdit

She gains her soilidity after years of resurrection. She was oblige to know herself has died, even though she doesn't remember how it happened. She lives as a hume along with the others. But hardly anyone expect her for to be already dead.

Other AppearancesEdit

Remydie does appear in the exclusive 'School-Fare' manga as a minor cameo.

Future Voice ActorEdit

Remydie will be voiced by either Luci Christian or Pamela Adlon if possible. It seem that Luci Christian is the best voice actress for this character.


  • Remydie's name is based from the 'remedy' word.
  • The last name, 'Illuise' is based from her characteristic for being a spirit. Which signifies her as an illusion.


  • After knowing Remydie's past life in a secret walkthrough, the player will obtain the title 'Illusion-to-Last'
  • Remydie is the slowest character to sprint.
  • Remydie was based on 'Queen Remedi' in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.
  • Aside of her default weapon being a fan, she uses them like a ninja blade.