"Hey, Potions aren't just normal medicine. It could save your life too!"

-Rend talking to Marryl in the Tutorial

"The famous concoction of both sweet and herbal mixture that restores one vitality"

-A simple advertisement statement of the Rabanastre Bazaar

"Medicinal and magickal brew of curative capability"

-In game description

Potion is the first Item to be introduced by Rend while in the middle of the game's Tutorial. Marry will be asked to use the Potion after she has been hit by an enemy's(training) spell. Unusually, the potion heals her HP completely without showing the recovery number indicator, only the item's effect.

The Potion is the first and most cheapest yet simplest restorative item that restores HP when thrown(used).

The default restoration of HP is 100, but the potency can be increase if a character activates their Potion Lore augment. 

Effect Restores 100 HP
Upgrade (Potion Lore) Increases Potion potency. First augment +10%, second +15% and third +25%.
Cost 60 gil

Etymology, History, Present Uses and TriviaEdit

  • Potion is another term for a special brewed of chemical that may results in giving the consumer various effects according to their properties. Potions can also be either a medicine or a poison.
  • Prominently, Potions are the term for the concoctions of most alchemists, 'mad scientists' and also wizards and  other sorcerer.
  • Apparently, after the release of Final Fantasy XII, the Square Enix group has created a product with the Suntory company that is likely of a Potion. The taste is undefine, but described as very sweet yet has certain herbal-bitter aftertaste. The product is also made after the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII and Dissidia Final Fantasy.