"Life is a gift, not something to temper with"

-Freesia's brief explaination to use the Phoenix Down while in the Clan Attack

"A legendary feather of the mythical bird that brings back the life of one's who befell"

-In game description

Phoenix Down is a vital item needed, it revives a fallen character in a certain amount according the the target character's Max HP. Apparently, Freesia uses the Phoenix Down to revive a fallen Clan Member who just got hit by a Death spell from an Arcanist opponent.

Phoenix Down, which is slightly much more expensive than Hi-Potion, is a valuable item to bring along in case of Silence, Fear, or Unconcious or not having the Life spell.

Phoenix Down has a magick power of 30, it deals damage to Undead or sometimes 'instant Death' them. Phoenix Down originally brings back a fallen character by restoring back 20% of their HP. Phoenix Down effect's can be enhance with the Pheasant Netsuke accessory, or upgrading the augment Phoenix Lore will also increases the HP comeback for the fallen character. Wearing the Nihopalaoa accessory will turns the Phoenix Down into having a Death effect, and recovers HP for Undead enemies instead.

Phoenix Down
Effect Revives 20% of a fallen character's Max HP
Upgrade (Phoenix Lore) Increases Phoenix Down potency. First augment 30%, second 40% and third 50% HP revived
Cost 250 gil

Etymology, History, Present Uses and TriviaEditEdit

  • Phoenix Down is a fallen feather of the legendary mythical bird Phoenix. The Phoenix dies often, and turns into ash it it do, from the ash, it will arise again as a tiny newborn Phoenix. The 'Down' name, is probably name for when the Phoenix's feather fell onto a recently died body, the soul will returns to it with a burst of Flame of Life.