Passive Dimensional PartyEdit

Passive dimensional party members only works on their gambits, but for a certain equipments, they can Auto-Action in all ways.

  • PDP works as a passive members
  • Their position as always cluster-centering the ADP while in the battle field
  • PDP members can chain-in Quickenings unless they wear a Chromia Pendant
  • Guests' HP and MP bars are display just above them, only it is automaticly set as 'Slide Out'


Passive dimensional party also consist of 5 characters maximum. Although in battle, they get 50% more LP, but 50% less EXP than the ADP members. They can only use 2 gambits if place in the PDP. But, still can be command by 'Voice Actions'. The PDP HP,MP and SP bar are slided just at the right side of the game screen, just above the ADP's HP,MP and SP bars. If either of the HP,MP or SP are damaged, the bars will slide out