"Prepare to be bolt-shot!!"



Nile Sil Opal or simply just Nile, is the nephew of Hinen Sil Fallberryl. A temporary playable character in Final Fantasy XII:Constelle of Transcendence. He role as a busybody who likes to get in everybody's way.

Japanese Name Nile Siyl Opall
Romaji Nairu Siru Opara
Pronunciation Nile . Seal . Opal
Other Names







10 (In Story)

Eye Color Pale Brownish Black
Hair Color Pale Brown
Laterality Right-Handed
Height 3'3"(100.37cm)
Race Hume
Family Hinen Sil Fallberryl (Aunt)

Giza Plains (Eventually)

Royal City of Rabanatre (Practically)

Lores Lastiquecist
Signature Move Mirage Fire
Roles Aerial Bolter

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

"Good riddance you wicked flyers!!"

—Nile taunting the Giza Crows in the attack

His hair is black, with curly edges. He wears a white shirt with his family insignia on it. Both of his hands has a armband. He wears a royal blue jersey with some bag links by the belts. His eyes are clear blue, like Vaan's. In the FMV in chapter VI, his eyes are black instead.

Nile is a young lad with an unusual way of thinking. He loves to slide-in people's matter. And has been called a lot as the 'Matyr'. Although likes to interrupt people, his lacks self-conscience for memory, and always forgetting things when not focus.

Future Voice ActorEdit

Nile will be voiced by Debi Derryberry or Zach Tyler Eisen if possible.


  • Nile's name is derived from the 'Nile River' of Egypt. He also has some features of an Egyptian.
  • The Opal last name was inspired from his opal-colored sclera. Which probably best for his connoisseur families.


  • After Nile leaves the party permanently and some events, you'll earn the title 'Boy's Best Acquaintance'.
  • Nile is the only male character which cannot be recruited again after leaving the party.
  • Nile is the only temporary character who doesn't have a Quickening.
  • Nile default weapons will only be Catapults(Bows) and Float Shoes, he won't have any other weapons in his license board.