Monty Coconwt
Kana モンチ
Rōmaji Monti
Age 13-15[Adult](Moogle age)
Eyes Cat's-like eyebrow

Almond-shaped eye

Large partial oval black irises

Hair Short, fluffy
Laterality Right-hand

Both legs

Height 3'1"(
Race Moogle
Job {{{job}}}
Quickenings None
Chain-Ins Prime Pyrework
Ability Dynamic Ballistics
Role Artillery Master

Marksmanship teacher

Voice actor(s) Uncredited

—Monty's favourite catch phrase


Monty full name, Monty Coconwt is an optional playable character and is either recruitable depends on the situation or the player's choice.


  • Monty's name is based from the Beverly Hills' Chihuahua animal character 'Monty', a chihuahua who leads the freelancing 'native' chihuahuas including the main animal character, Chloe.
  • The Coconwt last name is obvously named after the famous shoreline tall palm plant, the 'Coconuts'. The name has some ideas varies with the Chocobo Knight job which has the homophone to the word 'coco' in front of the name.