"Woah! What a haul finding these Megalixirs!"

-Tomaj very impressed about Kytes's findings in the Garamscythe Waterways

"Both life and energy brewed with the finest mixture of Ambrosia"

-In game description

Megalixir is an extremely hard item to obtain for it's great significant usage. The only way to obtain it normally is to selll some loot at the Bazaar for 2x High Arcana, 3x Rat Tail and 3x Onion with 108,000 gil. The pack can be create multiple times. It is obtainable in a chest randomly at Cerobi Steppe, but have a better chance to open it for a megalixir if the character wears a Diamond Armlet or Pearl Anklet or both.

Megalixir's effect is to completely restore the HP and MP to a party.

Effect Restores HP and MP completely to party
Bazaar 2x High Arcana, 3x Rat Tail and 3x Onion
Cost 108,000 gil

Etymology, History, Present Uses and TriviaEditEdit

  • Megalixir is simply an Elixir of higher property and better uses. With the Mega name,  it has the same effect as an Elixir, only it affects all allies.