"So much for talking nicely"

—Lyurn fed up


Lyurn is a supporting character prominently known as the guide through the Golmore Jungle in the stories. She can be recruited any time anywhere as long as she stays inside the Kingdom of Dalmasca. Her role as the guide is like most neutral characters, yet categorized as guests instead.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

"Indeed the time for actions"

—Lyurn most spoken quote

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  • Lyurn name was practically came to idea when Final Fantasy XII name some of the viera with name like Mjrn and Ktjn.
  • Lyurn is practically the Ivalice Alliance series first notable viera character to have to Viera Summoning ability.
  • Almost like all viera, Lyurn have strong ties with nature, and somewhat stoic about artificial things like machinery.
  • Typically, Lyurn attire is like the Viera Summoner, closely relating the closeness of fashion sense from the FFTA and FFTA2.