Kana {{{kana}}}
Rōmaji Kaitsu
Age 11
Eyes Oval/ round

Hazel Irises

Hair Shaggy /swept back

Dirty Brunnete

Laterality Right-handed


Height {{{height}}}
Race Hume
Job {{{job}}}
Quickenings Shift Force

Phantasm Havoc

Elemental Drive

Chain-Ins {{{chains}}}
Ability Black Magicks

Scroll Wrap

Role Migelo's Help

Sir Courier

Voice actor(s) Nicky Jones
 "Another day I call for another haul!"



Kytes or earliest known as Courier Boy in the story is a major playable character in Final Fantasy XII: Constelle of Transcendence. He serve as a ditzy boy who majorly acts as some sort of a messenger.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

"I know I'll be better than just a courier"

Kytes trying to prove to Filo that he isn't just a wimpy kid

Kytes wear a shirt with white wing collar. His shirt has a green stripes diagonally by the left side. He wears a short pair of leather pants with containments pockets. He always bring along his satchel with him.

Kytes is a positive-minded young lad with just the timidness when he is alone. He gains full confidence with friends, but hopeless nervous with none. he has chestnut hair which a bit emo to the right. And somehow spiked by the 'tail'. His eyes are brown-brick, but oftenly described to be just black.

Although Kytes's lack of 'self-personality', he is a dominant type, he rarely catch any kind of ailments and always seem as a healthy athlete, besides his stoutness.




Equipments and StatsEdit

Kytes growth is slow, but has no stops nor any skips. He only dominates in MP and Magick growth. Has the highest Magick among all 'major' character, and the fifth among all the characters. His MP is lower than Fran's but accumulate more than Tyfey's and Freesia. He start out with the Licences "Staff 1", "Light Armor 1","Accessories XI", "MP Accumulation 1", and equipped with Mage's Staff, Dormant Shirt, and Treasure Satchel.