Infermiera Entite is a monster found exclusively in the Sochen Cave Palace. The first time the party somes into the area, they will see an Infermiera Entite sleeping on a giant rock. It is completely harmless in any way, it can appear and spawns at any time, in it's first area.

Beastiary EntryEdit

Genus: Entite

Class: Elemental


Unlike the other temporarily docile Entites except for Cadeau Entite and Sangue Entite, Infermiera Entite aids and mends the wounds of the person who grant it buff. Infermiera Entite ignores all the attacks or magick casted, it only fight back when a debuff has fallen onto it. if one's would cast a buff on Infermiera Entite, it will follow them around in any area or place only for several minutes, regardless of how many time or how long the buff last. It helps the buffer using the Unburdened spell, which transfer it's HP to the buffer. It may also casts basic supportive spells like Regen, Protect, Shell, Bravery, Faith, Reverse and may also Guard for them. If other beings who have not attacked the Infermiera Entite's buffer and grant a buff to it before the buff vanishes, it will also helps them until they or it's time has done.


The "Infermiera" name is based form the word 'nurse' in Italian. This same goes for the base word naming for Cadeau which is 'gift' in French and Sangue which is 'blood' in Italian. The name came into the major aspect of the medicalism.

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Infermiera Entite was meant to resembles more like bloody orbs since they are Blood elementals. They looks like a round-bottom flask with 'neckless' apperance. It seems to be carrying a blood in it as it is it's own body fluid, and the fact that it looks like a floating flask carrying a red mixture. Infermiera Entite also shines like a red light bulb when casting a spell as if to signifies it's significant appearance with an inflammation of the skin and as if it needs to be mend.


Infermiera Entite, along with Cadeau Entite and Sangue Entite bears no similar resemblemce with the other Elemental Entites. Instead, they are Blood elemental, can actually do physical attacks and friendly to any aspect except when debuff'ed.