"The Best Connoisseur in town, came to the palace? Wow is me!!"



Hinen Sil Fallberryl or firstly introduced as Woman's Smith and The Connoisseur is a temporary palyable character in Final Fantasy XII:Constelle of Transcendence. She roles as a famous character throughout Rabanastre. She may can be a playable character for a while, she yet can be recruit again to at least change with other characters.

Japanese Name Hinenn Siyl Fallberyl
Romaji Hinen Siru Faroberiru
Pronunciation He-nann . Seal . Fall-beryl
Other Names


Master Hinen

Madame Fallberryl

Ms Gems



51 (Prologue)

52 (In Story)

Eye Color Blue-Grey
Hair Color

Pale Grey (Albino)

Slick Black (Originally)

Laterality Right-Handed
Height 4'7"(142.77cm)
Race Hume

Nile Sil Opal (Nephew)

Marryl Sheffield (God-Nephew)


Royal City of Rabanatre (In Story)

Lores Last Minute
Signature Move Forge This!
Roles Famous Connoisseur

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Hinen is a 52 years old woman with the passion for connoisseurship. She looks more like a pastry baker than a real connoisseur. She wears a white T-shirt with bell sleeves. She wears a brownish black gown just straped with a belt of connoisseurship tools. She always wears a baking apron with a large pocket up-front.

Hinen has blue-grey eyes which makes her look likes she has an eye cataract, in fact it is only in her family gene. She has a long tied-to-bun albino-grey hair with a barret on top. She only seems to wears slippers or shoes only when going out.

Hinen is a hardworking, independent woman which share the same responsibility for each of her things to care.

Future Voice ActorEdit

Hinen will be voiced by Tina Fey or Ellen DeGeneres if possible. It seems that Ellen DeGeneres is the best voice actor for this character.