"Oh, ohh- I think just a simple Potion would not be enough here"

-Larsa using a Hi-Potion while also introducing it in a short Tutorial

"Using Hi-Potion is the better way for us to battling this one"

-Archadd talking with Rend when they encounter a small group of cat burglars

"A greater version and concoction of magickal brew that mends wounds"

-In game description

A Hi-Potion is a brew of Potion made from a finer ingredients and mixtures. It is introduced by Larsa in a short Tutorial at Giza Plains and will be available at any shop after that. Unusually, when Larsa uses the Hi-Potion, the effect seems to be at his Potion Lore augment highest upgrade, regardless the fact he has only upgrade the augment once only.

Hi-Potions easily replaces Potions mostly after the availability.

The default restoration of HP is 400, but the potency can be increase if a character activates their Potion Lore augments.

Effect Restores 400
Upgrade (Potion Lore) Increases Hi-Potion potency. First augment +10%, second +15% and third +25%.
Cost 210 gil

Etymology, History, Present Uses and TriviaEdit

  • Hi-Potion is simply a greater version of a Potion only with a 'higher' level.
  • Somehow Hi-Potion also have been distributed as a Square Enix promotional product along with the Potions, yet they are indirectly explained.