"Brew of the most potent chemickals splashed together with Mists"

-In game description

Hi-Ether is an item that is extraordinarily hard to obtain. It is not available at any shops, but can be steal or simply dropped from an enemy.

The default restoration of MP is 75, but the potency can be increase if a character activates their Ether Lore augment.

Effect Restores 250 MP
Upgrade (Ether Lore) Increases Hi-Ether potency. First augment +10%, second +15% and third +25%.
Cost None (only obtainable by Stealing or drop)

Etymology, History, Present Uses and TriviaEdit

  • Hi-Ether is sometimes called Dry Ether. It is a greater version of Ether, yet somewhat some people call it the Dry Ether is quite unnusual. The taste maybe sweet-bitter-salty or have a salty aftertaste.