"Shot high, be tall and go on straight"


Hazeal Galvionez
Japanese Name Hazel Galviones
Romaji Hezeru Garuvionezu
Pronunciation Hazel . Gall-Vee-Yo-Nezz
In Story Names




Marks Gir



15(In Story)

Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Laterality Left-Handed
Height 5'1"(154.70cm)


Family Zeph Galvionez (Younger Brother)

Giza Plains Nomad Village

Rabanastre (Friendly Stays)

Quickenings Air Raid
Tempestal Blitz
Fei Zantetsuken
Character Chain-In Freesia (Circular Sever)
Zeph (Maelstorm Blitz)
Filo (Crushing Zantetsuken)


Signature Move Hail Shot
Roles Pinpoint


Hazeal Galvionez or simply just Hazeal is a major playable character in Final fantasy XII:Constelle of Transcendence. Although there isn't much of a role for her in the story, but she'll make the story a good one for everybodies' ears.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

"Really? I thought you're a pacifist or something"

—Hazeal doubting Tyfey for a sage

Hazeal is a 15 years old girl with the heart of long-range achery. She looks like a free-spirited girl, but she is quite a quiet one. She wears a vermillion shirt with additional sleeves. She wears a very large yet long scarf with a style like Cloud, only it look more like a pair of wings. She wears a pair of a dark-blue jersey trousers with some baggy characteristic.

Hazeal was once had an eyevision blurr, but now she seems to be having a pair of clear yet healthy eyes. Her eyes are light-brown. While her hair are brown also, with a pigtail style tied with ribbons like Aerith.

Future Voice ActorEdit

Hazeal will be voiced by either Chelsea Kane or Amy Birnbaum if possible. It seems that both of them are equally suitable for t


  • Hazeal's name is derive from the edible hazel nut. She does have the same hair color to the hazel nut.


  • Having Hazeal in the Hunter role for 500 loot chain gives out the title 'Marks of a Woman'.
  • Hazeal is the only female teenager to be the major character.
  • Hazeal's characteristic has been edited over time-by-time to have the perfect personality for her.
  • Hazeal is the major character which does not have any Heavy Armor license in the license board.