Filo n
Kana フィロ
Rōmaji Firou
Age 12
Eyes Oval/ big

Carmine-brick irises

Hair Swept to the left


Laterality Right-handed


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Race Hume
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Quickenings Link Breaker

Sonic Inferior

Soul of Rendezvous

Chain-Ins {{{chains}}}
Ability Board Aviation

Aerial Cartwheel

Role Skyboarder

Help and Yelp

Voice actor(s) Tara Strong

Katie Griffin

 "I'll be famous one day and even gonna take you up as my best business partner!"



Filo or firstly known as Sky-Boarder early in the story, is a major playable character in Final Fantasy XII:Constelle of Transcendence. She partly play the roles of a street urchin in Final Fantasy XII as a cameo.

Japanese Name Marriel Sheffield
Kana フィロ
Romaji Meiriru Shefiru
Pronunciation May-reel . Chef-field
Other Names


Sweet Sandwich




11 (In Story)

Eye Color Carmine-Brick
Hair Color Brownish Carmine
Laterality Both-Hands
Height 4'4"(133.20cm)


Family Migelo (Foster Guardian)

Royal City of Rabanastre (In Story)



Sky Break

Wind of Wroth

Character Chain-In

Kytes (Four-Answers)

Marryl (Crushing Sora)

Fran (Adrammalechus)

Lores Aviationtry
Signature Move Wavefront
Roles Sky-Racer

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Filo is an 11 year old girl with the wish to become famous. She always seen wearing a short soft-rose gilet a blue scarf atop of it. She also wears a bangle, sometimes also bracelets. She wears a long beige baggy pants till the knees, and then with a pair of leather sandals as footwear.

Filo is a girl full of spirit. Her hair is carmine-brick. With the style of bobbed curl to her left. Her irises are brown-carmine. Which gave her a totally signature colors accept that she doesn't like her eyes being brownish carmine.

Filo wears a headband. It is pink in color, with two wing-formation ribbons on both right and left sides.



Filo is an orphan, neither originally to have a real parents or simply live without one is completely unsure for anybody. She lives in the Lowtown along with other orphans.

Filo picks up things pretty fast, making her a fast learner. It also makes herself a high-spirited young girl who dreams high to become famous. She always dare herself to be the fastest sky-boarder ever. But it always ends up by being scolded by Migelo because of her dangerous yet high probability of accidence.

Future Voice ActorEdit

Filo will be voice by Jessica DiCicco or Lacey Chabert if possible. It seems that Lacey Chabert is the best voice actress for this character.