"The miss-borned race that created by a confused and lost memory. Their hearts are the same as their Absolute, but their lifeless path carries them only to a unmeaningful stage."
—Ishawlia words for Marryl's lost memory
"From since the first man who born, where his figmentation was gone, the age of The Figmentation and sought to spawn."
—Old Witch of Ramsinniee
"Whe may be only your Figmentation, but hear our will, hear our prayers which we wish to transcends for you."
—Freesia's Demi

Another otherworldly realm which best describbed with the 'False' existance. Figmentia or Figmentatiox are boundless counterpart world of reality. The inhabitants are partly god-like immortals who rules over their Demi's.

Priest's KnowledgeEdit


"'When comes about a strong feeling of an inexistance, then come apart a meddling part who which rules over the reality itself."


"'The boundless being came a form, from day-to-dusk and midnight-to-midday. Come along a counterpart of a reminisence"