"The things I do for the family, it's not my thing"

—Fez famous phrase


Fez Aubratum or Faron Cascan Baltorey is a temporary playable character, he is a family member of the Baltorey family who owns many territory. His roles in the story is only to be a tutor or a information bringer.

Fez Aubratum
Japanese Name Faze Aubratium
Romaji Fezu Auburatumi
Pronunciation Faze . Aw-Bra-Toom
Other Names


Mr. Aubratum

Young Master(Baltorey)

Sir Faron



23 (Prologue)

24 (In Story)

Eye Color

Dark Brown (In Story)

Yellowish Carmine (FMV)

Hair Color Chestnut
Laterality Right-Handed
Height 5'9"(177.92cm)


Family House Baltorey

Royal City of Rabanastre (Conditionally)



Young Moon

Swift Revolt >

Character Chain-In

Ashe (Last Lunar)

>Filo and Lindsay (Maccinstorme)

>Larsa (Imperial Pact)


False Blade


Signature Move All-for-None

Young Master


Appearance and PersonalityEdit

"I say you got yourself a deal there!"

—Fez agreeing to Balthier's offer in a trade

Fez has two major attires, which first is when he is as Fez Aubratum, and second is as Faron Cascan Baltorey. As Fez, he wears a formal long-sleeve jacket resembling a tuxedo. Its collar, hemlines and buttons are silver while the other parts are all golden and jade with a hint of magenta. He wears a pair of traveler's trousers resembling a slack-type pants. It is embroidded with crosses of belts by the hip. 'Fez' wears a pair of boots resemling stiletto heels for its 'aerodinamic' shape. The edges functions as a weapon as well. 'Fez' wear the Monarch Moon badge. As Faron, he wears the large coat-like cape resembling a tippet by the shoulders. He wears a bright color shirt with some styles of a nobles with the variation of azure, crimson and silver. 'Faron' wears a long pair of pants which resembles much like Balthier's pants. 'Faron' wears boots with a hemline resembling a wing collar. 'Faron' wears a chain by his hip with the Noble Sun.

Equipments and StatsEdit

Fez is the only playable character with the smallest value of total Exp. Making him the only character with the stats that has no corner and easiest to level up with. His stat growth has the most majority, no irregular growth at any aspect, unexpectedly, Fez has the highest Base among other characters. He starts with the Licenses "Rapier 1", "Rapier 2", "Light Armor 3", "Accessories 2", "Regenerate" and "Mind-Reader", and equipped with Golden Rapier, Cotton Hat, Gaia Gear, Monarch Moon and Battle Boots.





Latency(Light) Strength Magick Vitality Speed
1 24 93-156 20-31 35-45 18% 9% 23 21 23 24
10 26 198-277 37-42 50-65 18% 9% 28 28 28 27
20 27 411-591 44-64 68-75 16% 8% 33 35 32 35
30 28 760-904 77-90 80-88 12% 6% 39 39 37 39
40 28 1045-1396 115-149 90-98 8% 4% 42 42 40 44
50 29 1560-1888 173-207 102-108 4% 2% 46 45 45 48
60 30 2040-2422 228-235 111-118 1% -1% 50 50 49 53
70 32 2714-3029 266-294 124-136 -2% -4% 54 56 52 57
80 34 3522-3990 310-339 140-155 -4% -8% 57 59 56 62
90 35 4130-4461 365-389 161-177 -6% -13% 62 60 60 65
99 37 4762-5160 400-416 184-191 -7% -15% 65 62 63 67

Other AppearancesEdit

Fez also appear as a minor character in the exclusive School-Fare manga

Future Voice ActorEdit

Fez's Theme: Fez's ResilienceEdit

Fez's theme reminiscence from the soundtrack 'Ritz' from Final Fantasy Tactic Advance. It has much more energy to the music and a bit faster. It mostly consist of the sound of piano, flute and violin. Fez's Resilience always played when Fez's alone moments would happens.


  • Fez was name after the headgear 'fez' while the name give him the priority for living in an desert-like terrain.
  • The Aubratum name was derived from the word 'Aura' and 'Atum' although the 'Atum' part isn't like him at all.
  • His formal name, Faron is described as he is a baron himself.
  • The Cascan name derived from the word 'cascade' which his personality is the flow of the cascade.


  • Having Fez in your both parties for at least 15 hours of gameplay will grant the player the title 'Excuizitor'.
  • Fez is a rich young man from a famous house.
  • Fez couldn't compare Marryl and Filo at all when the chapter "Vice Versa? Marryl and Filo?" is on.
  • In the story, Fez never did speaks about his famous 'House Baltorey', since he is the house's master's son, he refuses for other people to fear him like his father.
  • Fez is the only playable character that can never equip any Fying Gears, since he is afraid of heights.
  • Fez attire is event-time only, he changes his attire from the casual to the formal situation.