"Here something for you-"

-Hinen giving 3 Elixirs to the party

"Concoction of the pure life and energy"

-In game description

Eixir is an extremely hard item to obtain for it's great significant usage. The only way to obtain it normally is to selll some loot at the Bazaar for 1x High Arcana, 3x Demon Drink and 3x Ambrosia with 36,000 gil. The pack can be create multiple times.

Elixir's effect is to completely restore the HP and MP of a character.

Effect Restores HP and MP completely
Bazaar 1x High Arcana, 3x Demon Drink and 3x Ambrosia
Cost 36,000 gil

Etymology, History, Present Uses and TriviaEdit

  • Elixir is a concoction(usually medicinal) that is oftenly described as having a mysterious healing or rejuvenating properties. One who consumes it somehow feels refresh(oftenly) or younger(uncertain).
  • Elixirs, along with Ethers are described as 'quite tasty' in the Kingdom Hearts: 358 1/2 Day manga. In which a situation that a Moogle merchant gave Roxas an expired Elixir. The Elixir is also given to Axel and Roxas tried to tell the Elixir has expired, but to late since Axel almost finishes.