"Some what I would be, is what she decide"

Counter speaking human after morphed

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Counter Vlids or simply just Counter, is a temporary character in Final Fantasy XII:Constelle of Transcendence. It roles as a supportive character wich happens to be an animal. It is control as a Guest character aside it being an automatic Gambiter, it can easily commanded with Voice Action.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Counter is in fact, a wolf. It has the ability to shape-shift anytime it wants. Counter is a wolf with a dark brownish grey all over its fur. It is a Grey Wolf type, so barely so many in the desert.

Counter is the only canine known which totally looks like a normal wolf, the others are looking more monstrous. Yet, he is a very playful kind of any other. Marryl always describe her as 'The One To Be' as she meant that Counter is very dear to her heart.