"Valorous free handed fighter who deserves and purges the fighting spirit of the foe"

—Derelict of Zechphader library description

The "Aura" front title classifies the Aura Pugilists as they obtain this power by their own nature and 'aura', emotions, affinity, attribute and self-esteem. Unlike the other who also have the "Aura" title, the Aura Pugilists obtains their power mostly depends on their self-esteems, as the part of them are fully righteous.

The Aura Pugilists are advanced version of Fighters who fights and hits that even scathe the space and even the morale of other who they battle. As they are much mastered about the rules and arts of bare fighting, they even possesses the strength of a Zaghnal. 

In the story, Rend, Regre and Albatrossa are the only notable characters that possesses the Aura pugilist ability. By several Magister's knowledge, Aura Pugilists are conversely are gifted when they are older and wiser, opposite to the Aura Elementalists.


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