"Nighttime, like alwayss-"



Archadd or sometimes called Mr. 'Muzzle' is a supporting character that shares many information throughout the entire stories. He has a large role as one of the Night Watchers of Rabanastre and serves as a major quest temporarily but majorly in his part.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

"Like a fly to a cookie"

—Archadd baiting Filo with some salads

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Equipment and StatsEdit



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Weaponry PotencyEdit

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  • Archadd was first ever notably a bangaa presumably with the typical characteristic of any bangaas, only slightly more overdramatic.
  • Like in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance/Tactics A2, Archadd is like the first set racial clan members representing the bangaa race.
  • Hence his name, Archadd is secretly a hardy gambler as in 'arcade' as his name sounds homophonicly.
  • Like the bangaa headhunters(Ba'gamnan, Gijuk, Rinok and Bwagi) Archadd can also be fight against.
  • Archadd character planning was to be a random bangaa that suddenly stuck in the storyline(like Vaan and Penelo) but changed as an informative Night Watch instead.