The Active Dimensional Party (ADP)Edit

Unlike previous Final Fantasy XII, there can be only one party with 3 characters and additionally 1 guest character

  • ADP being 5 characters
  • PDP being also 5 characters
  • Guest are not included in any party, so they only follow the current ADP leader along. But their HP, MP, and SP bar will be displayed next to the PDP's


ADP can consist only consist of 5 characters with the limited 4 gambits only, and the members can be issued command via 'Voice Action'. The Gambits must be related, like if the first gambit is attacking the party leader's target, the other one cannot use the command attack, also, each gambit must have different condition in current no rebundant action, constraints, self,ally or foe, canceling according also by the condition or the target and what action to be take. None of them are to be more than one each character, and the action for gambit must also be different. If doesn't, the canceling method gambit will always occurs and they character sometime forgot what he/she was doing and then only use some other gambits. The ADP HP,MP and SP bar are displayed as like the Final fantasy XII, only it can be configure in the game Option to enbale it as 'Always Show' or Slide out Show' If the player choose 'Slide Out Show', the HP,MP and SP bar then only slide out from the bottom-right of the game screen

The right example

Functionality Gambit
Foe:Nearest Visible Attack
Ally:HP<70% Cure
Ally:Debuffs Esuna
Foe:Melee Mow Down

The wrong example(will commit Canceling)

Functionality Gambit
*> Foe:Nearest Visible Attack
*> Foe:Flying Telekinesis
Ally:HP<50% Hi-Potion
*> Foe:HP<20% Poach