In Final fantasy XII:Constelle of Transcendence, the abilities are yet limited, and unsanitary if all the members to equip it. Abilities are yet to be one of the asset which practically aids and greatly change the tide of battle. Guests now can have a minimum amount ofabilities to equip.


Styles are different depending on the weapon the character is using, styles are best to be use in Combo-In. Styles can be stack for two more character in the same party. Other than the party leader, other party members can also commit Styles, but with a certain prerequisite. For guests, who can't change equipments, they have their own Signature Move(Style)


Lores are a limited, ancient, and a unclassified ability which was not possessed by just common person. Lores can also be obtained after a certain quest, or after defeating a certain special boss. Some character can even have two lores, and some can combine them with their own Esper.

  • Lores are abilities which cannot be in Gambits
  • Lores consumes SP instead of MP, but have a certain charge time
  • Lores can be learn by mainly after certain events, quests or just by levelling up.
  • Lores Action-Time are different for each has different attributes


All magicks have a certain Action-Time, yet they cost moderate MP consumption. magicks are bought in shops(Like in FFXII), and some of them can be learn by a certain character. All magicks with MP cost can be repelled by Reflect. Although for the maximum 'Effect Capacity' spells, it can pass through Reflect.


Technicks are the only technick which is not affected by speed, their Action-Time are permanent, mostly very fast.

  • Now technicks are practically non-elemental
  • Some monsters' ability can also be a technicks, for example the 1000 Needles
  • When set in the gambits, Technicks cannot be affected by 'Canceling'
  • Although are not 'Cancel-able', technicks can be easily guard yet can only be used conditionally by the technicks' type
  • Technicks Action-Time is permanent and cannot be effected by any speed condition like Haste or Slow
  • All technicks are 'Auto-Target', even if you're not targeting anything, it will hit the nearest visible enemy